Women of the Word

President: Shar Feely

WOW Officers

President Shar Feely
Vice President Sandy Bostock
Secretary Donna Rose
Treasurer Bev Petersen
Corresponding Secretary Shar Feely
Committee on Action Carolee Whipple                                                             

Sub-Committee Members

Offering / Devotions Kay Goll & Bev Petersen
Quilting & Relief Projects Carolee Whipple
Entrance Display Steph Hamel
Food Pantry Representative Marlys Schmidt
Contact People Nancy Kort & Donna Rose
Program Committee Susie Waterbury & Volunteers                                                  

The Quilting Ladies meet the 3rd Monday and Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Kay Goll or Carolee Whipple or just stop in.


Sandy Bostock Darlene Engel Shar Feely
Kay Goll Steph Hamel Denise Heinrich
Glenda Herz Pastor Leah Krotz Bev Petersen
Carla Post Donna Rose Marlys Schmidt
Lynetta Snelling Cindy VanBoening Gloria VanBoening
Susie Waterbury Carlee Whipple Melanie Whitcomb

ALL Women Are Welcome to Join Us at These Meetings

Bible Study Meetings  

7:00 PM – First Tuesday of the Month

Date Hostess Lesson Leaders
January 4th TBD Bev Petersen
February 1st Susie Waterbury Kay Goll
March 1st Carolee Whipple Lynetta Snelling
April 5th Donna Rose Sandy Bostock
May 3rd Shar Feely Carla Post
June 7th Salad Supper  
July No Meeting  
August No Meeting  
September 6th Susie Waterbury Kay Goll
October 4th Sandy Bostock Shar Feely
November 1st Carlee Whipple Lynetta Snelling
December 6th Donna Rose Bev Petersen

Women of the Word Report

Thinking about the changes that have taken place over the last three years, I realize that God is with us whatever happens. He hears our prayers and answers in His own time.

We continue our Bible Study meetings the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm. We welcome anyone interested in attending. In June, we had a salad supper, and we decided to write friendship and thank you notes to special people in our lives as our evening program. Our special December meeting was held in Superior, NE. We had a Christmas outing and brunch at the Hope Pregnancy Center. We were given a tour along with the history of the center. Gifts were brought to help the center’s program. We had ten ladies who attended this outing.

The Quilting Ladies continued to meet the third Monday and Tuesday afternoon each month at 1 pm. The quilts are made and donated to Orphan Grain Train, Casa, Crossroads, Camp Joy Holling for their auction to help with camp expenses, and to each graduating senior in our congregation.

We also continue our mission work to help those in need by making school backpack kits and healthcare kits. We remembered our shut-ins by sending them Christmas greetings to let them know we are thinking about them and keeping them in our prayers.

We were saddened by the loss of our Sister in Christ, Ardyce Burge in 2021. She is greatly missed by all.


Sharlene Feely,

President – Women of the Word