Women of the Word

President: Shar Feely

WOW Officers

President Shar Feely
Vice President TBD
Secretary Donna Rose
Treasurer Susie Waterbury
Corresponding Secretary Shar Feely
Committee on Action Carolee Whipple                                                             

Sub-Committee Members

Offering / Devotions Kay Goll & Bev Petersen
Quilting & Relief Projects Carolee Whipple & Donna Rose
Entrance Display Steph Hamel
Food Pantry Representative Marlys Schmidt & Melanie Whitcomb
Contact People Nancy Kort & Donna Rose
Program Committee Susie Waterbury & Carla Post                                                  

The Quilting Ladies meet the 3rd Monday and Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Kay Goll or Carolee Whipple or just stop in.


Marlene Albin Sandy Bostock Shar Feely
Kay Goll Steph Hamel Denise Heinrich
Glenda Herz Nancy Kort Bev Petersen
Carla Post Donna Rose Marlys Schmidt
Lynetta Snelling Cindy VanBoening Gloria VanBoening
Susie Waterbury Carlee Whipple Melanie Whitcomb
Margaret Zimmerman    

ALL Women Are Welcome to Join Us at These Meetings

Bible Study Meetings  

7:00 PM – First Tuesday of the Month

Date Hostess Lesson Leaders
January 2nd Shar Feely Carla Post
February 6th Carolee Whipple Carla Post
March 5th Susie Waterbury Kay Goll
April 2nd Donna Rose Lynetta Snelling
May 7th Shar Feely Margaret Zimmerman
June 4th Steph Hamel Melanie Whitcomb
July No Meeting  
August No Meeting  
September 3rd Donna Rose Kay Goll
October 1st Steph Hamel Margaret Zimmerman
November 5th Carolee Whipple Lynetta Snelling
December 3rd Outing - TBD  


In January, our congregation started making preparations for our 125th Anniversary celebration, which was scheduled for May 21st, 2023. Many committees were formed, and the ideas and plans were set in motion. It was a very special time for us all!

We continue to meet for Bible study the first Tuesday evening of each month at 7:00 pm. We welcome anyone interested to attend.

Our quilting group continues to meet the third Monday and Tuesday of each month at 1:00 pm. You don't have to be an expert. I was told if you can tie a knot, we need you. We also are in need of double queen- or king-sized flat sheets, used for the backs of the quilts. The quilts that we make are donated to Crossroads, CASA, Camp Carrol Joy Holling for their quilt auction, which helps with camp expenses, and the Orphan Grain Train for their mission work. We also donate school backpack kits to the Orphan Grain Train. Every graduating senior from our congregation receives a quilt from our group. This year we donated 84 quilts and 32 school kits as our mission projects.

In September, ladies from the four local churches served and appreciation meal at the fire hall for all the volunteer firefighters, EMTs and their families. We wanted to let them know how important they are to our community.

On December 3rd, 13 members attended a Christmas service at Wanda Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Juniata. A lovely service and music from the Chorus of the Plains and the Cathedral Brass was enjoyed by all.

Shar Feely, President of Women of the Word