Christian Education

Council Representative: Steph Hamel

Committee Members: Marlys Schmidt

Programs: Vacation Bible School, Confirmation, 5th Quarter, Good News Bearers

Christian Education

The year 2021 continues to be a difficult year for Sunday School. With continued covid and low attendance, we have not been able to provide Children’s Sunday School. Adult Sunday School continues to be well attended. VBS was moved to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, and, with much organization and work, it was done on July 26th-30th. Lisa Faimon, with guidance from Lana James and Pastor Leah and help from Marisa L’Heureux, had theme Rocky Railway: Jesus Pulls Us Through. There were 31 kids in attendance with fun music, skits, stories, activities and projects with many more there to help with serving the kitchen and providing supervision and help with each of the different activities. The last night there was a potluck supper with more than 100 in attendance followed by program with music and performance by the kids. Carla and Pastor Leah were able to have Good News Bearer’s with 16 kids in attendance with some kitchen help for the food. Thank you for all your attention to this program. Danie Mohlman, Mandy Meyer and Marisa L’Heureux had the Children’s Christmas Program during the church service December 19th. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the continued Christian Education of our congregational members.



Jana Klusman, Council Representative