Property Committee

Council Representative: Delbert Kathman

Committee Members: Nancy Kort, Larry Heinrich, Mike Kort


January 2023 had very little activity. In February, the church bell was oiled due to squeaking. Motion lights were installed on the West side of church due to low visibility to help the congregation see clearer during Lenten services. In the Spring, sprinkler heads were replaced and a gate was installed in the parsonage lawn to help Keith get a mower through to mow. Clotheslines were also taken down to accommodate mowing. Water heater in parsonage was replaced due to leakage. Paint was applied to parsonage window trims and doors. The north entrance hallway in the church basement were also painted. Spring cleanup 2023 went well. The lawn outside the church was overseeded along with a new sprinkler control to water the lawn. The elevator was broken and repaired in June. Hail damage to the roof was inspected by Stone Brook Exterior in July and no repairs were needed. Stairs to the loft were built which helped ease efforts to decorate for Christmas. A new urinal was installed in the Men’s restroom. A new piano was purchased in the basement while the old one was dissembled and removed. A boiler inspection took place in October which required the overhaul of the inside of the boiler. Parsonage garage screen door window was replaced with plexiglass. A vacuum cleaner was also fixed. Thank you to each and every one of you who participated in keeping the church property looking nice in 2023.

Delbert Kathman, Council Representative