Property Committee

Council Representative: Delbert Kathman

Committee Members: Larry Heinrich, Mike Kort

Property Committee Report

January 2021 started off very cold with the removal of snow, continuing into February. In March, the committee put new LED lights in the sanctuary. A big thanks to Lamar VanBoening and Roger Meyer for helping with that job.

April 10th was our Spring clean-up. The big project was installing rock around the church curbing that was poured in 2020. The usual big cleaning jobs were done inside the church, as well. At noon, 13 people enjoyed a pizza dinner. A big thanks to all who helped.

In May, Larry Heinrich and Lyle Peterson repaired the ceiling in the narthex that was damaged from seeping water. Thank you Larry and Lyle. Also in May, new gutters, fascia and soffit were installed on the church building.

In August, we replaced damaged ceiling tiles in the basement and changed filters in all the registers upstairs.

In September, the church sign was replaced with a new one, which lights up at night and has been a great improvement.

In October, new church video equipment was installed. It was time for an upgrade as the old one was outdated. 

In December, a small amount of snow and ice was removed.  A big thanks to Jason L’Heureux for bringing his equipment and helping with the snow removal during the winter months.

I would like to thank everyone on this committee for their help in 2021.


Mike Kort, Committee Chairman