Memorial Fund Committee

Council Representative: Steph Hamel

Committee Members: Shar Feely, Jana Klusman, Donna Rose

Memorial Fund Committee Report

Church members serving on this committee this past year were Donna Rose and Steph Hamel, council rep. One of the projects that we had been working on for a while finally came to fruition this year. In July, we got our new sign installed in front of the church. It looks great, and thank you to all who donated memorial money for this project. Another project that needed updating, which also used Memorial funding for part of it, was a new projection system, which will make downloading our church services online much easier. Thanks to everyone who helped with this also.

Anyone who might be interested in serving on this committee, please let Steph know, as we will be meeting again soon to talk about other uses for the Memorial fund money. Thanks again to all who helped with this committee.


-Steph Hamel, Council Rep