Memorial Fund Committee

Council Representative: Jana Klusman

Committee Members: Shar Feely, Donna Rose & Steph Hamel


In 2023, our committee met a few times and some of the projects we discussed that we might use the Memorial funds for new flag pole holders, which Carla Post donated some of the money from her dad’s, Rolland Post, memorial fund to purchase. She also donated some of his memorial money to go towards helping pay for the music group which performed at our 125th Anniversary celebration in May; the rest of money to pay the remainder of the balance for them came from Memorial Fund. The other project we worked on was picking out new carpet to replace the aisle and the chancel area. But that project got put on hold when we had to replace the boiler for our heating system. Hopefully down the road we can look into replacing carpet. Thank you to all who served on this committee this past year, and to all the families who donated money to the memorial fund in memory of their loved ones.

Steph Hamel, Council Representative